Site5 Affiliate Program

Earn $$$ Recruiting Hosting Affiliates

With its slick graphics and impressive reviews, Site5 is clearly looking to attract a certain type of customer. While some hosts pile the offers high and promote unlimited resources, Site5 looks to impress. It even offers a money-back guarantee of up to 45 days, plus a higher-than-average 99.99% uptime guarantee on its cloud VPS plans.

The key to Site5’s offering is its promise not to oversell. Overselling is one of the key tactics low-costs hosts use to suppress costs; Site5 says it has a low number of customers per server to protect its service quality. It also promises that all of its technical support will be provided using in-house staff, not third party technicians, and directly employs its own developers and engineers.

Hosting packages include shared and cloud hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS, plus those cloud VPS plans we’ve already mentioned. For resellers, there are two types of hosting on offer: an ordinary reseller package, plus a reseller plan based on cloud hosting.

Site5 offers up to $100 per sale when you sign up for an affiliate, although larger payouts are earned with higher volumes, and most affiliates will earn just a quarter of that amount. You can take the money as a credit to your plan, or withdraw it as cash, if you prefer. Interestingly, the affiliate plan is provisioned through the same control panel (Backstage) that powers the rest of the products on the site.

Why Promote Site5?

Cookies are stored indefinitely. That’s a pretty big plus point; compare it to other hosts that only set cookies for 30 days.

Any Drawbacks?

That money-back guarantee means that Site5 has a holding period of 60 days. During this time, if your customer cancels, you lose your money too. But the bigger downside is that sliding scale of payouts; the basic level (for referring 1 to 5 accounts per month) is just $25 per sale.


  • CPA: $25-100
  • Monthly payouts after holding period
  • Payments by PayPal

Key Products

  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud hosting

Affiliate Management

  • Email:
  • Phone number: 1-888-748-3526