FatCow Affiliate Program

Earn $$$ Recruiting Hosting Affiliates

FatCow is one of the many hosting companies swallowed up by the Endurance International Group, a global hosting provider with hundreds of brands under its wing. Founded in 1998, it has based its business model on cheap hosting – the kind of unlimited packages that are commonplace in the EIG stable.

There are three types of hosting on offer at FatCow – shared, VPS and dedicated. Within those three product types, there are various packages designed to appeal to business users with varied budgets. The cheapest plan comes with vDeck, which is arguably an inferior control panel compared to cPanel; the latter is included with all other packages offered by the host.

FatCow is proud to be a green web host, and its hosting power is offset by wind energy. While its hosting doesn’t offer much in terms of innovation, its MarketPlace attempts to boost its services by upselling various related deals.

Unlike some hosts (including EIG brands), FatCow has a very simple affiliate plan. There are two levels of payout – shared and VPS at $100, and dedicated at $150 – and that makes it very easy to predict your income. (At the time of writing this article, there’s also a $9 affiliate payout for the Cheap Sheep plan, although this is a limited offer.)

Why Promote FatCow?

Some affiliate programs are very complicated, reflecting the diversity of plans and options. Some hosts have multiple programs, and that makes things even more difficult to understand. With FatCow, you have three product types and two payout levels – there is nothing more to learn.

Any Drawbacks?

FatCow offers little to differentiate it from other similar companies, and that may make it difficult to find a niche for your marketing material.


  • CPA: $100-150
  • Monthly payouts
  • Payments by US check or PayPal

Key Products

  • What do they sell/service do they offer?

Affiliate Management

  • Email: affiliates@fatcow.com
  • Phone number: 1-855-732-2154