Make Money With Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

A great way to earn money as a website designer, or even someone who has messed with web hosting a bit, is through affiliate programs. These programs are designed to pay you in exchange for convincing people to sign up on the web hosting company’s website. This earns them more revenue, which they share with you. There are many popular web hosting sites that do these types of programs, so let’s take a look at some of your options if you want to get into the business.

HostGator is one of the top web hosting companies out there, but they didn’t get there without some help. They have a high paying affiliate program that will earn you cash with every single sign up you bring in.

If you sign five or less people up, you will receive $50 for each sign up. From there, these amounts increase. Between six and 10 people you will earn $75 for every person that signs up as a result of your marketing. Getting 11 to 20 people will earn you a large $100 for every sign up. Finally, if you go above 20 sign ups in a month you will get paid $125 for each one.

HostGator is a little slow with paying up. They won’t pay you for a sale until two months have passed since the sale date. Then, you will get paid the first week of the next month. In order to get paid you must have all your hosting fees paid for and have an active account open. You must also accumulate $100 in earning to meet the minimal payment threshold.

You can get paid in one of two ways. The first method is the easiest and fastest, but will require you to create an account with PayPal and link your bank account to that PayPal account. The second method they offer is a bit slower but is hassle-free. HostGator will mail you a check, and you should receive it within a week after pay day.

A downside to this program is that “cookies” must be enabled on the person’s browser in order for it to count as a sale. Cookies will track your sales, and if the person has them disabled, it won’t be able to track it.

GoDaddy is the other big web hosting company you hear about all the time, so it’s no wonder that they have an affiliate program as well. GoDaddy has some unique options with their affiliate program that makes it easier to use for the marketer compared to other web hosting affiliate programs.

GoDaddy pays a bit differently than HostGator. Rather than pay a flat fee for each sign up, you get paid a commission equal to 40 percent of what the customer buys. For example, if they were to buy $100 worth of web hosting time, you would earn $40. This method can be higher paying than HostGator depending on who you manage to send to the website.

Payment times vary depending on the affiliate program you choose to go with. GoDaddy Direct will get you paid 60 days after the sale has been made. Your payment will be processed on the next 15th of the month that occurs. As for the Commission Junction plan, you are paid every month on the 20th day of the month. Both programs allow you to get paid through PayPal, check, direct deposit into your bank account, or through GoodAsGold.

One of the best features of GoDaddy is the fact that there are at least 100 different advertisements that you can choose from to use on your website. You can choose between large picture ads, small picture ads, or just plain text ads. This puts you in control as to how much marketing you will be doing on your website.

There is also a management tool that will help you keep track of your referrals. This will help you estimate your earnings that you will be receiving through the affiliate program.

In order to get paid, you must have an active GoDaddy account.

DreamHost isn’t as popular as the other two web hosting companies, but they still manage to pull in quite a bit of customers and are looking for outside help to get even more! This gives you another opportunity to earn money through their affiliate program.

DreamHost pays a flat commission of $97 for each referral you bring in, which is a bit higher than the other two websites. Also, if you manage to bring in five or more people in a single pay period, you’ll receive a bonus $50 commission.

Another great feature about DreamHost is that you earn a little extra money if the people you brought in market as well. For each person they bring in, you’ll receive a small $5 for not doing any extra work at all!

There are two ways that you can get your payment. The first is through PayPal, which will require you to have an active PayPal account. The second method allows you to apply it directly to your own hosting bill, taking away from what you would owe for that month or eliminating the fee altogether. Anything left over can transfer to the next month or withdrawn through PayPal. If you get five or more people to sign up you can request to get paid by check as an alternative option. Getting payment through a check allows you to receive your commission the same month as the referrals.

In order to receive payment you must have at least $20 in earnings and have an active DreamHost account open. There isn’t a minimal threshold to use your earnings as a reduction in your own hosting fee.


These are the top web hosting affiliate programs available. If you’re good at it, you can earn a large amount of money. It takes time, but once you get an income going you will make possibly thousands of dollars each month for all of your hard work.